About Us

CRAG was formed after the public meeting on 19th July 2012 to coordinate a response to the Helsey Wood planning application, on behalf of the local community.

CRAG has established a small management group which meets on Mondays, at the Commercial Inn on Station Rd, Chapeltown @ 7pm. – Please see our facebook page for the dates that we meet.  – https://www.facebook.com/CowleyResidentsActionGroupSheffield

CRAG has consulted with a number of other groups in the country, who have similar experiences, to help us improve our knowledge.

CRAG has the stated objective of working within the law, to present the issues affecting our community.

Committee Members

Jean Howe (Chair)- Mobile 07969249483
Paul Brackenbury (Deputy Chair)
Lorraine Widdowson (Secretary)
Jenny Hetherington (Spokesperson)
Denice Howe (Treasurer)
Graham Hetherington
Eric Green
Carole Gibson
Bruce Shaw
Mick Widdowson
Barry Glossop
Steve Vere
Chris Sumner
Vinney Carl
Steve Lawson