Air Quality

Did you know…… ?

Chapeltown, Ecclesfield and High Green are part of the North East Sheffield Air Quality Management Area. The EU directive for the area was to reduce Nitrogen Dioxide levels and fine particle levels. The report highlights the effect poor air quality can have on the health of a community.

Sheffield was in breach of the level set by the EU in 2011, so it has had to set a new Air Quality Action plan in order to achieve these levels by 2015.

If HGV’s cause most of the NO2 pollution …  What will happen if the Hesley Wood Developments go ahead… What will all the additional traffic and the heavy machinery working on the site, using inferior “red” diesel, do to our air quality?

And how much will it cost the NHS in years to come?

Please read the report for yourself.  SCC Air Quality Action Plan 2015 July 12