Hesley Wood Action *Update* 20th Oct 2012

Thank you!

Thank you to all the people that signed the petition on Friday, we had over 300 people who wished to register their strong objection to the aforementioned planning application on the following grounds:-

  • Environmental Impact –Noise, Air pollution, Timescale, Flood Risk
  • Ecological impact– Animals and birds, Woodland & Flora and Fauna, Traffic
  • Contribution to National Energy Policy and Economy –3 years extraction for less than 1% used annually by power generators
  • Poor landscaping – no soil. What are we losing? What are we gaining?
  • Long term future – 5 years management – what then?

There is still time to sign the petition and register your support.

The petitions are available at

  • Chapeltown swimming baths,
  • Crawshaws butchers,
  • Cafe Revolution,
  • Lo Chemist,
  • Pets are pals and St. Lukes charity shop

Alternatively you could help and download the petition from here and collect a few signatures too. You can then either email us on info@cowleyrag.com or call  and we would be more than happy to collect the sheet of signatures when it was completed.

CRAG petition

CRAG petition signatures continuation sheet


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