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Douglasdale Community Coal Health Study – a report on the health impacts on local residents.  Summary – Introduction: Prior Studies, Glossary and  Method, Site Comparison Results and Health Stats Conclusion.  Related Studies, United Kingdom, India, United States.


Reclamation of Hesley Woods Spoil  Heap

A company called Recycoal are wanting to remove 3.1 Million tonnes of waste from the Hesley Wood tip site, created by the coking plant that stopped production in 1972. This waste will then be washed in a washing plant, built on the field belonging to the Hesley Wood Scout camp. They intend to remove 395,000 tonnes of coal from the washed waste, which will go to Eggborough power station. As this power station burns approximately 14,000 tonnes of coal per day, this will give roughly 28 days supply.

To remove all this waste, wash it and extract the coal will take up to 4 years. The waste that is left will be compressed into a cake form, and stacked to be used as material for landscaping when the project is completed.

This land has regenerated for 40 years and has a great diversity of trees and wildlife. To be able to start this project they intend to remove all the trees, and sell them to the new bio mass plant that is being built on the old Blackburn Meadows site. With the loss of all the trees, fauna and flora, what is left to stop the water run-off and the noise from the M1? Chapeltown suffers from flooding, as seen earlier this year, and that was with only one day of heavy rainfall. The noise from the motorway, which is reduced by the trees will get worse for Chapeltown. The washing plant will be running 24/7 apart from Sundays, to carry out maintenance. After completion, they say that they will be planting 41,000 trees and re landscaping. The trees that are to be planted are only 450mm to 700mm high, in other words, Saplings. They intend (if necessary) to bring in green waste and pond dredging’s, no soil. So do we have to wait another 40 years for the site to regenerate. The Grimethorpe site was completed in 2008. The trees have died or not grown, it is just a poor grassy waste land.

They estimate that there will be 3x 30 tonne articulated lorries leaving and returning to the site at 20 minute intervals. That is 36 trips to Eggborough and back. Making 72 per day for up to 4 years = 89,496 lorries. What difference to the Motorway, Thorpe Hesley and Chapeltown Traffic congestion will this cause?

If this project goes ahead, the digging operation will create dust. This dust is called Particulate Matter (PM’s).They have only tested for PM10, which is the dust that you can see. They have not tested for PM2.5 or PM1. This dust can travel up to 3 miles, and stay airborn up to a week. PM2.5 and PM1 dust cannot be seen and can be inhaled and can cause COPD,LUNG CANCER,ASTHMA,STROKES and HEART DESEASE. It mainly concerns the under 10’s and over 50’s, But should it not concern us all? This is not just happening in Chapeltown, it is going on up and down the whole of the UK. It needs stopping now. It does not help the economy or the planet and especially it definitely does not help us, or our children.

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Planning application number is 12/01946/FUL